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18-20 October 2022

The Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre, Gothenburg

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Scanautomatic 2022

Scanautomatic is the hub for the future automation and digitalisation of industry. In a vibrant ecosystem of companies, academia and policy-makers, business is done here to ensure industry gets smarter and more sustainable..

We can all work hard on our own – but real change happens when we work together.

The combination of experts, innovators, students, suppliers, decision makers and power players is what makes Scanautomatic unique. It is also exactly what industry needs to succeed in an effective transformation. Developing sustainable industry requires commitment, investment and smart solutions. But above all, cross-sector collaboration and new business models are needed.

And these are born and come to life at Scanautomatic.

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Scanautomatic 2022

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Scanautomatic 2022

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Scanautomatic 2022

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Scanautomatic 2022

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What are industry’s responsibilitie and how can challenges be turned to business opportunities

What is the vision for the future, and how do we create value at every level?

What is the potential for efficiency improvements and renewable production?

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Let’s take a closer look at the topic: Industrial Energy and Electrification

14 June / 2022

In Sweden, we have set the goal of becoming fossil-free by 2045. Industry plays a huge role in that journey. Today, industry accounts for about a third of Sweden's emissions. That’s why major efforts are currently being made to convert energy and electrify the industry. Something that will be on the agenda at this year’s Scanautomatic. Why this topic? Major changes are taking place in the indus...

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Electricity quality – a prerequisite for industrial competitiveness

14 June / 2022

As we all know, industry is currently facing a number of challenges. There are many parameters that need to be taken into account as competition increases and major changes take place in energy supply. In order for machines and appliances in an industrial process to function optimally, they must operate in a disturbance-free electrical environment. This means less downtime in production, improved...

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Let’s take a closer look at the topic: Sustainable solutions

02 May / 2022

At the heart of Scanautomatic 2022 you will find three main topics: sustainable solutions, smart industry, and energy and electrification in industry. Each of these topics will be looked at in more detail and we will delve into their role for the industry of the future. First up: sustainable solutions! The topic in brief Sustainability plays an important role in all aspects of society. And by su...

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Swedish industry and the increasing pace of change

02 May / 2022

The future of automation and the digitalisation of industry is at the heart of Scanautomatic 2022. The aim of the fair is to drive the conversations and collaborations that can solve the challenges that industry must confront. We are facing an increasing pace of change, new business models, standards and ways of working. What does climate change demand of us? And how do we ensure efficient, sustai...

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We see a very positive development with this trade fair becoming an increasingly important meeting place for industry. Learning from best practice, meeting others with similar challenges and sharing experiences is at least as important as presenting your own solutions. Catarina Berglund, Process Manager at Automation Region

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