Alnab sees great digital potential

– We see this as an acid test. Now we are dropping the safety panels and entering a digital world – one we have high hopes for, says Jan-Erik Larsson, CEO of Alnab.

Alnab is looking forward to Digital Scanautomatic and ProcessTeknik 5-6 October.

– We have not been able to meet our customers in a useful way for almost a year and a half. We want to do just that at the digital fair: learn to meet customers, both existing and potential, in a new and exciting way.

Jan-Erik Larsson hopes the fair attracts great support. He values the fact that the meeting between exhibitors and visitors is taking place live, just like at a regular trade fair.

– It feels very positive. At the same time, it is important to be prepared if you, as an exhibitor, would be lucky enough to have several visitors to your stand at the same time. Especially if they are interested in different things, he says.

To avoid a problem caused by queues, Alnab intends to have a number of employees with different skills on standby. If needed, visitors can move between them.

If the conversations turn into business discussions, he sees a great value in the fact that you can then move on to individual digital conversations, for example in break-out rooms.

– We think it’s great.

The biggest advantage of the digital format is that it promotes meetings between people who need to solve real problems, he says.

– To be honest, at a regular trade fair, there are a lot of guests on the stand who are most interested in the social aspect, having coffee or having a beer.

– At a digital trade fair, I imagine that visitors are genuinely interested in what is on display. Then you can have a deep discussion about the customer’s needs. In this way, we believe there can be good visitors, good meetings.

The matchmaking service in the platform means that the visitor who shows up at the digital stand has already made a choice.

– But then as exhibitors we also have a responsibility to make an honest selection when we highlight our top competencies, to ensure that the visitor finds the right one.

Alnab’s top competencies include luminaires, gas analysis and the automation of valves.

– This is what we intend to focus on at the fair: products for sustainable development in the Swedish process industry, so that we can contribute to a better and cleaner world.