Rittal for Scanautomatic - together with EPLAN, we optimise the value creation chain

Scanautomatic is the meeting place for future automation and digitisation of the industry. At the meeting place, industry, academia and decision-makers meet to discuss and create business around a smarter, more sustainable industry. One of this year’s exhibitors is Rittal. “Having the opportunity to meet and discuss with partners as well as customers makes it possible for Swedish companies to be able to compete not only within Sweden, but also to represent Sweden on the global market” says Fredrik Wåhlstrand, CEO of Rittal in Scandinavia.

Rittal is a world leader in encapsulation technology for industrial automation and IT/data and telecom equipment. Thanks to their offer of system solutions, they are a comprehensive supplier in encapsulation technology.

Fredrik Wåhlstrand is CEO of Rittal in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, but also CEO of EPLAN Software and Service in the Nordics. Rittal, together with EPLAN, will take part at Scanautomatic as an exhibitor.

– In our booth, we will display a combination of products, product news and solutions. We look forward to showing our customers how our offer can contribute with benefits in different parts of the value chain. EPLAN plays an important role there. Together we can talk about how EPLAN’s software – with the digital twin at the center – can develop and optimise design and manufacturing processes while Rittal provides products and machinery to integrate into the value chain. We want to show how Rittal and EPLAN can optimise the entire value creation chain in the manufacture of control systems and switchgear, says Fredrik.

“Energy efficiency becomes an important question”

Scanautomatic sheds light on the challenges large parts of the industry are currently facing. And the themes for this year’s Scanautomatic are Sustainable solutions, Smart industry and Energy and electrification of the industry. In recent years, the energy issue has become increasingly relevant, but as a result of instability in Europe as well as in the world, it is brought to a peak.

– Energy efficiency will be an important issue at this year’s Scanautomatic. Reducing the CO2 footprint has been and will continue to be a central issue, partly from a sustainability perspective, but also from a cost perspective. I also think it will be important to manage power distribution but account for electrification waves that follow. A lot of focus will be on how we handle those solutions through an uneven power draw from our electricity grid, but also on how we handle future challenges in the area.

Expanded automation, which is a central part of the industry’s work, is vital to follow the development and work towards the industry of the future. But, like energy efficiency, automation requires highlighting the challenges that exist in the field.

– Expanded automation is important, and there we see challenges in the logistics chain as a result of the concern that exists in the world after a pandemic. Not least in China, something that strongly affects the logistics chain. At Scanautomatic you will be able to see and take an interest in insourcing. In the past, production has been moved to other countries, but now insourcing and automation are becoming important to manage the logistics chain and avoid risks and dependencies in a world characterised by political risks and pandemics.

A competitive Sweden

Scanautomatic is an opportunity for the industry to showcase news and products that are in line with the challenges the industry is facing. But it is also a meeting place where collaborations and synergies are allowed to take place.

– It is very important that you get together and can effectively take part in trends and see what’s happening in different areas. Having the opportunity to meet and discuss with partners as well as customers makes it possible for Sweden’s companies to be able to compete not only within Sweden, but also to represent Sweden on the global market. Many are also extra curious because we haven’t met in a long time. This year’s Scanautomatic will be very exciting, Fredrik concludes.

At Scanautomatic, experts, innovators and decision makers meet to collaborate on industry challenges and solutions. Scanautomatic starts October 18-20 at Svenska Mässan.