We take a closer look at the theme: Smart industry

Scanautomatic 2022 is characterised by three main themes, namely Sustainable solutions, Smart industry and Energy and electrification of industry. In the past, we have taken a deep dive into Sustainable solutions and Energy and electrification of industry, and as the last theme on the tour, we take a look at Smart industry!

Theme explanation

Smart industry is about smart products and smart services that favor more efficient production. Something that is absolutely vital to meet the challenges facing the industry as well as society. Efficiency, shorter lead times and higher quality are the products of digitisation and smart factories. If digitisation is used in the right way, opportunities are created for companies to change, and improve, both their customer offering but also their contribution to positive social development.

Initiative for smarter production

At Scanautomatic, you can take part in smart solutions on the exhibition floor as well as smart initiatives and projects on stage. For example you will get the chance to see; Peter Bökmark and Magnus Widfeldt from RISE and Martin Friis from Production2030. They are all involved in projects that enable a faster transition towards a smarter industry.

– Within Production2030, which is a strategic innovation platform that aims to strengthen Swedish competitiveness, I work to trigger collaborations where knowledge is created and transferred into industry. A lot of knowledge is created all the time but the real value comes when it is applied by the industry. At Scanautomatic 2022, we will talk a lot about effective collaboration to meet the challenge of the escalating pace of change, says Martin Friis.

As Martin mentions, there are major challenges for the industry when it comes to addressing the increased rate of change. In close collaboration with researchers, there are projects that take on that particular challenge.

– When we work with R&D and technology workshops, there is a challenge in understanding that what we thought was the way forward five years ago may not be today. We need to work differently to bring in things like automation and robotisation. An example of a successful such project was the Robot lift. There we worked to promote automation and robotisation in small and medium-sized companies. It is a segment that, due to its resources, does not always get the opportunity to draw the same benefits from new technology and digitisation. Despite the fact that in that segment it can make a big difference, and we need to spread that knowledge, says Magnus Widfeldt.

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