About Scanautomatic 2016

When Scanautomatic 2016 closed its doors at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre on 6 October, the turnstiles had recorded 10,372 visits (including visits to Process Technology). This was an increase of 400 visits compared to the previous fair, Scanautomatic 2014. The exhibitors and other participants were very satisfied with the return on their efforts and felt that 2016 was a really strong year.

With all of 300 exhibiting companies, Scanautomatic 2016 was as big as Scanautomatic 2014. But with a difference: the number of visitors increased yet again. And broke through the magic 10,000 visitor’s barrier.

On the seminar side, a record-breaking 5,000 or so knowledge-thirsty people listened to the 55-strong programme of open seminars held on the two stages of the fair.

The seminar content was built up around the transformation of Swedish industry, and the necessary investments in automation, digitisation and robotisation. The important new feature at the 2016 event was the Automation Summit Conference. Although it was the first time that it was held in Gothenburg, it attracted more than 140 delegates. The conference was co-arranged with Automation Region, a collaborative platform for the supply of skills to industry, linked to Sweden’s Mälardalen University. The parties involved have signed contracts to the effect that the Automation Summit Conference, which was previously held solely in Västerås, will be held in Gothenburg every other year, in conjunction with the Scanautomatic & Process Technology twin event. Next time, 2018.

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