Focus areas

What are industry’s responsibilities and how can challenges be turned to business opportunities?

An extensive shift is taking place in Swedish high-tech indusry, towards digitalised, automated and electrified production systems. The transformation is making enormous progress with the work towards a sustainable society. Take part in new sustainable and innovative solutions at the fair.


What is the vision for the future, and how do we create value at every level?

Digitalization and smart factories provide more efficient production, shorter lead times and higher quality. Properly used, digitization increases the opportunities for companies to change and improve both their customer offering and their contribution to positive societal development. This is what we call smart products, smart services and smart industry, all of which will be shown at the fair.


What is the potential for efficiency improvements and renewable production?

Major changes are taking place in industry’s energy management. The driving forces include the climate issue, energy efficiency, smarter use of resources and improved profitability. Industry can reduce its environmental impact from energy use by reviewing and changing its production, products, transport, surplus heat, combustion and electricity use. Meet the experts onsite.