Automation Region puts indtech on the agenda

IndTech Lounge to take place at Scanautomatic 2022

Swedish industry faces an exciting transformation that will require more cross-border collaboration. Different industries will need to start working together and learning from each other. This is the outlook of the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre’s partner Automation Region. And it will be reflected in the IndTech Lounge at Scanautomatic 2022.

— Sweden is a relatively small country so it must collaborate strategically with others on priority issues. Our mission is to create connections between companies and new technological solutions, and the goal is to increase the competitiveness of Swedish industry. A big part of this now revolves around indtech – industrial technologies – which is actually a flagship competence for Sweden, Catarina says.

Automation Region’s members range in size from Sweden’s largest companies to small and medium-sized enterprises and startups. But they all share a common desire – to increase their knowledge of new technology. Many of Automation Region’s initiatives, projects and activities now revolve around the relatively new concept of indtech.

— Indtech describes the trend we can see in industry right now whereby existing automation and IT systems are being enhanced with new digital solutions. In Sweden, we have an incredible advantage in that we rank high in terms of the positive climate for innovation. We want to ensure that we maintain this position and strengthen the relationship with Swedish industry.

IndTech Lounge

The IndTech Lounge will take place for the first time at Scanautomatic 2022. It is a collaborative space that will be open on all days of the show, in which Automation Region, PiiA, IVA and Ignite will welcome visitors and exhibitors for a variety of exciting sessions.

— We are very much looking forward to the opportunity to create a collaborative space where companies along the entire value chain can meet, discuss and create business opportunities, Catarina says.

The IndTech Lounge will host a range of knowledge-enhancing and inspiring activities. Some of them are fixed programme items in the form of speakers and real case studies. But the space is also there to facilitate spontaneous on-the-spot meetings that can lead to new projects and innovations. The IndTech Lounge can also bring together entrepreneurs, financiers and large companies through Ignite matchmaking.

— We want the IndTech Lounge to lead to new business, insights and a new-found motivation that people take home and to work afterwards. It’s about creating an impartial and independent, 100% accessible platform for the development of Swedish industry and the issues for the future that we are driving forward. We want to identify the tools needed to manage the transition and increase competitiveness. We’ve been talking about it for a long time now, and it’s time we started doing it, says Catarina.

According to Catarina, indtech is a flagship Swedish competence that is currently “in hiding”. IndTech Lounge therefore aims to create a space for companies of all sizes to share their knowledge, contacts and relationships.

Automation Region has a long-standing partnership with the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre through Scanautomatic and the annual Automation Summit conference.

— We have a long and well-developed relationship with the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, by means of which we jointly pick up and highlight current and interesting trends affecting industry. The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre provides us with a forum for indtech and we are very happy about that. Through our cooperation, we shorten lead times for Swedish industry, says Catarina.

For the 2022 fair, more partners will be added. PiiA, SEIIA and ITF Automation are behind Scanautomatic, together with Automation Region.

— It will be exciting to see this constellation as we complement each other well. We can see that meeting in person has never been more important than it is now, and it is very beneficial to have the opportunity to meet all these organisations at the same time, Catarina concludes.

Sustainable industry – indtech leads the way – is the focus of Scanautomatic 2022 and you will have the chance to visit the IndTech Lounge throughout the event!