The spirit of industrial innovation in focus for the Swedish Technology Prize

The power of innovation plays a crucial role in today’s industrial production capabilities. The Swedish Technology Prize now recognises important efforts that are optimising Sweden’s industrial base.

The prize, which focuses on breakthroughs in industrial automation, process automation and digitalisation, is divided into two parts. The aim is to highlight the power of innovation in Swedish industry. Both the jury’s and the visitors’ prizes will be awarded to two forward-thinking companies in connection with the Scanautomatic and ProcessTeknik trade fairs. An innovation, product or service that stands out from the crowd also has the opportunity to win the jury’s honourable mention.

Sustainability takes centre stage

To be nominated for the Swedish Technology Prize, you need to present a product of interest to the automation sector. Only exhibitors at Scanautomatic and ProcessTeknik can receive the award. New among this year’s jury members is Martin Viktorsson, System Architect at Hydac. In conversation with Martin, it soon becomes clear that two factors will have extra weight when it comes to choosing the winner – namely, sustainability and efficiency. Martin, who joins the jury with new perspectives and ideas, underlines that the jury is placing great emphasis on the product’s characteristics from a sustainability perspective.

– We want to see sustainability-oriented innovation that makes a difference. Something that stands out and leads technology forward. By sustainability we mean economic, environmental and social factors, among others. I believe that you can apply sustainability in several ways even if you do not have the environment in your profile. For example, by making production more efficient or reducing losses. That’s really what automation is all about, making things faster, easier and better, Martin explains.

Sweden – a country at the forefront of innovation

The Swedish Technology Prize aims to recognise and reward companies that make a difference to industrial production capabilities. Highlighting technological innovations in the Swedish market shines an important light on the country’s innovative spirit.

– There is a need for events that recognise new technologies and explain why they are important. They act as a spur to put Sweden and the Swedish market on the map, Martin says.

He adds:

– Sweden is an export country. We lead and excel in several industries. Automation, production and technical solutions are all crucial factors for the development of Swedish industry. It’s important that we stay at the forefront and do not fall behind when it comes to innovation. The fair will be a way for us to draw attention to what we consider to be good examples of outstanding technology.

2022 was the year of digitalisation

Martin believes that highlighting new thinking and innovative technology can help steer industry in a sustainable direction. Previous winners include the companies Novotek and Schneider Electric, both of which are at the forefront of digitalisation.

In 2022, Novotek received the visitors’ award for its Intelligence Hub software solution. An innovation that facilitates the digitalisation journey and allows rapid scaling up of data for manufacturing companies.

– Novotek stands for new technology and the award shows that we are doing the right things. That we have succeeded in developing new technology for industry. It takes innovation to be part of the future and this award is proof that we are doing it, says Thomas Lundqvist, Sales Manager at Novotek.

In the same year, Schneider Electric was awarded the jury’s prize for the digital platform EcoStruxure. A solution that challenges today’s business models by enabling the programming of processes using modern high-level languages and that will assist the next generation of engineers.
– This win is very important for us, partly to draw attention to the new technology, but it is also proof that Schneider Electric is at the forefront when it comes to software platforms. Openness is an important aspect, and we can see that it’s important for industry as a whole to start working more like this. So this is great fun, says Daniel Ljungqvist, Sales Manager at Schneider Electric.

Energy, data & efficiency

Martin believes that digitalisation will also characterise this year’s starting line-up and sees energy, data and efficiency as three recurring themes. He also emphasises the importance of technologies that enable resource conservation and sees great potential in the energy sector.

– Today, we are seeing a trend in which AI is more than just a fad. It’s being used for quality control and optimisation and in a variety of other areas. We also see energy efficiency as an emerging sector where new energy sources require new technologies.

– I hope we will see something cool that makes a difference and that can reach the consumers of the future. Innovation that makes a difference for you and me. Something that will be with us in the future, Martin concludes.